Professional Trekking Guide

Hi! My name is Costis Panaretos; my home place is Kerkyra, widely known as Corfu. Many years ago, during my second wave of self discovery, I was drawn into the need to explore my island on foot. I wanted to meet and understand the land that gave birth to me. The more I found out, the more driven I became to dig deeper and deeper into my origins. The thirst to answer all the new questions was increasing alongside my desire to share the knowledge, so it was quite natural that very quickly I became a professional trekking leader!

I’ve been leading trekking tours the past 7 years in different parts of Greece and Cyprus. I have walked and shared outdoor experiences with more than 600 people and counting. I’m fluent in Greek, excellent in English and an expert in the language of expression. In my personal time, I never cease to learn new tricks of the trade and, of course, I don’t lose any opportunity to venture into the mountains! Expanding awareness is my goal and what’s the best way than being out there at the great beyond?!