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Our epic trips are berth charter offers on SY ANNA or StarLight with Skipper Thomas. The atmosphere on board is relaxed and friendly and safety comes first. There is enough space for every one because we do not consider the Salon a cabin. Included in the price is linen, towels as well as dinghy and outboard. All running costs will be paid from the cruising kitty. All itineraries are examples and can change due to higher circumstances like the weather. Please contact us for an individual consulting.

29.09. – 13.10.2018 (2x1week)  Sailing and Walking For the second time we offer a symbiosis of sailing and walking. A unique experience of combined island hopping and terrestrial exploration! In the heart of Ionian Sea we explore the exclusive bays and coves of Ithaca, Cephalonia and Lefkas.  Costis, our English speaking trekking guide, will lead us on cross country adventures. Blown by the wind we are free to travel between the main and the smaller islands of the area and capture the panoramic views from the sea. From each day’s sailing destination we will be able to commence into overland ventures, coming closer to nature and grasping the taste of these earthy paradises. We follow a circular route starting and ending at Palairos harbor. We visit and explore Ithaca, the home of ingenious Odysseus, Kephalonia, biggest of all Ionian Islands and home of the highest mountain of Ionian Sea and Lefkas known for the Leucadian Cliffs where Aphrodite dispelled her love for Adonis by jumping into the sea. Having the little islands of Kalamos, Kastos, Atokos and Meganisi within our vicinity, the itinerary becomes flexible and adaptable to weather conditions and personal desires. We can accommodate many different aspects and levels of activities such as: sailing, trekking, diving, swimming and relaxation. All of them towards the ultimate target of absolute enjoyment!!

Contact us for more informations at info@daydream-yachting.com

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